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SPWF04 SPI Socket Server Problem

Question asked by Natalia Aramayo on Oct 24, 2017



I have the SPWF04SA configured as an STA and connected to a Wifi AT.

I have an udp  socket server opened in the SPWF04, for that I have used the following sentence:


                AT+S.SOCKDON=3333,u mapped to spi as following: (Ex:3333)


Then I send data from my PC to the SPWF04 so I receive the WIND message of incomming data


                021A370B00303A303A31343A31340D0A               //0:0:14:14  I receive 14 data

So I ask for data received using the corresponding message


                AT+S.SOCKDR=0,0,0                                                     //sockid=0 cliendid=0 numbytes=0 what means receive all data


And then I receive data correctly


                803AFE070031343A31310D0A                                   //:14:14

                0230030E004646464646464646303030313046     //03 Means data spi answer  and 4646464646464646303030313046


The problem I have is when trying to send larger packets Ex:254 bytes. 

It seens to be working as I received the 0x37 (WIND incomming data)message and I ask for data using 0x4B command.

Sometimes I received all data correctly in one answwer and others in two answer that it is ok.

  • But I have found that sometimes the answer is received in more SPI messages


<803AFE09003133343A3133340D0A0A0A0A0A0A0A                       Size =31 33 34 -> 134 bytes

<02300378004646……some data received                                           0x78=120bytes

<0230030E004646……more data received                                            0x0E=14 bytes Total=134 bytes OK

<023A000000000000                                                                                    finish

                               The problem is that sometimes the module stops sending SPI messages for a while and later starts sending again


                               <02100116003137303231362d66643339…                                            170216-fd39c59-SPWF04S

                               <02100D08005350574630345341                                                             SPWF04SA

                               It continues sendind SPI messages and it makes the handshake correctly, link up again so when I open the socket it starts communicating correctly.

  • The problem is that this happens quite often so I would like to know if its depends on the size of packets or may be when packets are sent too often.. just to try to avoid it


I haver read as well that there is a beta fw that may fix some bugs.... It’s the fw 1.1 already available? I would like to upgrade it if possible. I have been looking at the web but I haven’t found it.


I have also modified the following configuration variables: ip_sock_memsize ->2 and ip_sock_threshold ->50 and also ->90 But it didn't work any better...


Thanks in advance.