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HSE in BAM mode in STM32H7

Question asked by Evgeny Erlihman on Oct 23, 2017
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I want to use the BAM mode, and more specifically, D1/D2 in DSTANDBY, while D3 is in RUN mode. In this mode i want to have ADC3 sampling 3 channels, and transfer the results to RAM using BDMA. From what i can understand i need a LPTIM to trigger the ADC3.  I might need a higher sampling rate than the ones LSI/LSE (32k) can provide. I see that i can use HSE through PER_CLK to clock LPTIM.


My question, is it possible to use HSE in BAM mode? The reason i am asking is that there is nothing specific about clock behavior in BAM mode, only in RUN & STOP/STANDBY, and as i understand BAM is in between......