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How to wakeup the system after few Hr's when system is in Stanbymode.

Question asked by Shivananda SS on Oct 25, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2017 by Erwan Y

Hello Team,


This is Shivananda from Robert BOSCH. we are using  SPC584Cx/SPC58ECx 32-bit MCU family (Chorus 4M).

we need to implement a feature when system in stanbymode, after 5 hours self wakeup of system should happen.

Hope using Timer/Counter concept we need to achieve 5 hours count  and also using "Smart Standby Wakeup unit” (SSWU) we can Wakeup the system.

As per reference manual I have this information

IRCOSC is also the system clock available during the STANDBY and it is placed in

STANDBY power domain.



Is it possible to implement this feature in Chorus4M???? if Pls can anyone help me in this to implement this feature.


- I need Register details which are required to achieve this

      1. How to run timer in stanbymode and which and how to enable clock to run the timer.

      2. After 5 hrs. of time how can I wakeup the system( which registers need to program).


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