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Recommanded "Final Product" firmware update method

Question asked by Arguimbau Olivier on Oct 24, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2017 by AvaTar


Our company is working on a product that use "STM32L151" MCU, for debug we are using SWD with a custom connector. For prototype tests we used USB with "DFU USB Mode" and the "DfuseDemo" program.


Now come the time to think about final product update system, we are new to this market and I appreciate any advice for implementing a reliable "update mecanism".

Here are some product specs : 

- USB connector available (work as a VCP with a debug console and can be switched to DFU mode with a console command after reboot)

- Dual bank flash (Actually firmware use one bank)

- One button on device (+one power button)


And i have no time to develop a specific USB driver for Mac +Windows ...


I was thinking of reuse ST's DFU usb mode , i don't know if it's legal or even if it's the best technical solution.


Advices are welcome.


Bye !