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"Connection Failed!" to STEVAL-SPIN3201

Question asked by peter watt on Oct 24, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2018 by Alexander Reiss


Hi Community,

I'm trying to talk to to STEVAL-SPIN3201 within the Monitor of ST Motor Control Workbench (v.4.3), running on a Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Windows 8, connected by USB (COM3 at 9600 baud), but I keep getting the error message:

“Connection Failed! No response, check the communication cable, the power on the board or the baudrate (set to 9600 bps)."


Using Keil uVision v.5 MDK-Lite (debug option set to ST-Link Debugger with SW Port in Target COM) I have compiled (by batch build) and downloaded the executable to the board (shown by led LD2 blinking green/red). I actually did manage to get Workbench to connect once, by first running STM32 ST-LINK Utility v.4, connecting that to the board (which showed the address contents) and then exiting ST-LINK. Then Workbench did connect. The motor even started turning, sensorless operation, though there was an immediate Fault over Speed feedback. But repeating the same procedure after recompiling with different start-up parameters, I cannot now get Workbench to connect (for all sorts of combinations of Keil and ST-LINK connected and disconnected, on or off, unplugging and replugging USB and 32 V to board, starting and stopping Workbench and the laptop, a different USB cable). In Device Manager, it looks like the COM3 Port has a working device driver, for "STMicroelectronics STLink Virtual COM Port (COM3)".


To sum up, even though ST-LINK and Keil are talking to the board through the USB cable, all I can get when hitting the Connect icon (the plug) within Workbench is the red message "Connection Failed!....".


Any suggestions gratefully received! I've asked Technical Support too, and will post any suggestions they make.


Cheers, Peter