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LIS3D :the calculation---Puzzling problem in AN3308.

Question asked by dehai wo on Oct 22, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2017 by dehai wo

       I have found a puzzling problem while I reading the document AN3308,On page 17,table 9.In my opinion, 1g come from the formula : a = (0x4000 -> 0x400 = 1024)*2000mg/2048.So get the correct value : 1g , In the same way, 350mg should come from: a = (Ox15e0 -> 0x15e = 350)*2000mg/2048 , but the calculation is 341.8,not equal to 350.
       Another problem is that I have received 12bit data(so as: OxFFF0...) from LIS3DH while I config it working in normal mode (10 bit)
      Anyone can help me explain it ?  thanks !