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Discussion created by p.a.002 on Oct 23, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2017 by Brian Kling

Hi everyone,

I often receive a notification to leave a feedback on the forum but usually i don't have enough time to participate so finally i decided to leave some notes on the community here.

First of all i don't like the color scheme which is choosed for the messages. This blue color font on a white background makes my eyes bleed. Really no joke here.

The second point, on ALL pages at the head  i see photos of four people. What the hell they suppose to mean?

They take too much space, they distruct the attention. Who are you site developers? Are you graduate kids? Hipsters?

What a childhood...

The third point is the product selection lists. They are awfull. Even on a large monitor it takes only half of the space. 

It is very inconvenient to use it. Let's say i want to find the microcontroller with the lowest price having USB OTG.

It's impossible. The table doesn't even have a price column. 

Holy crap. STM produces such a great microcontrollers but the forum is so childish and immature.

If you want to see how good support forum looks like please check this link

16-bit PIC Microcontrollers - dsPIC33F/E | Microchip Technology Inc. | Microchip Technology Inc. 

If you want so see how good product selection page should look like please see this link: