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Usage Fault PSP=0x00000020

Question asked by on Oct 22, 2017
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I have a project with an STM32F446, with RTX, 3 threads (main + 2 declared by me) + of course the idle one. The main thread enters wait state after starting the two threads so i have just two threads running. The RTX has round robin disabled. What the application does is talk to a a Bluetooth module over SPI.


My problem is that sometimes, during the SPI transfer (initiated by one thread and done in the other)the MCU crashes into the UsageFault_Handler and one of the threads (not always the same) is shown to overflow. Now I have read about how to debug the hardfaults and what nots but the problem is that all of the methods rely on MSP/PSP addresses and for me the PSP is 0x00000020.

Anyone ever confronted with something similar? Any ideas on what might be wrong?


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