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USB OTG with STM32CubeF4

Question asked by Remo Steiger on Oct 21, 2017

Hi all

I am using the STM32F429ZE microcontroller with STM32CubeF4 (V1.16.0) library.

For my next project I need to switch between USB device and host mode. (Depends if a host/device is connected.)

The hardware has an USB OTG full-speed interface and was used successfully for other projects with USB device or USB host functionalities.


I didn't found any dual role example in the STM32_USB_Device_Library and STM32_USB_Host_Library included in STM32Cube. However the STM32_USB-Host-Device_Lib (V2.2.0) seems to support this feature but uses the standard peripheral library.


Do the USB libraries in STM32Cube support the OTG feature and if so, how can I switch between host and device mode?


If STM32Cube does not support OTG functions, do I have to convert the STM32_USB-Host-Device_Lib from standard peripheral library to the HAL library or is there any other solution?


Thank you very much for your efforts!