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LIS2DH12 output x,y and z

Question asked by jan n on Oct 20, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2017 by jan n

Hello all, 

my problem is the output of the x,y and z registers.

The content of the registers change when moving, but only with fast movement. The values change during the acceleration. Unfortunately, after the movement the values fall back to the same value again.  The problem is, the values are the same in any orientation. My program accepts different values for x, y and z register in different positions, but the sensor doesn’t change these values. When the sensor is horizontal I accept g_z = 1, g_x = 0, g_y = 0  and when I turn it by 90 degrees I estimate g_z = 0, g_y = 1, g_x = 0 at least the values should be different. However the values are the same.
Maybe I made some mistakes in the register settings or the sensor is not able to do this?????
My register settings:
Address                                             value
0x1f                                                    0xc0=     1100 0000 // edit: revised
0x20                                                   0x77=     0111 0111
0x23                                                   0x80=     1000 0000
0x24                                                   0x70=     0111 0000
0x2e                                                   0x80=     1000 0000