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STM32L4 Comparator Timer triggering

Question asked by petrinec.marek.002 on Oct 20, 2017

Hello engineers!


i dont know what to do because its really annoying. Iam waiting the day when reference manual for STM32L431 will be officially recognized as the worst document ever. But lets get start at begin.


I need to trigger timers TIM1 and TIM16 from Comparator2. Yes you can find that its possible to connect comparator outputs to the ETR and input to some timers(in reference manual to the TIM1/TIM2/TIM15/TIM16) but when you start study document you cannot find any mention about OUTSEL reg's in comparator's registers. You can use ETR only in TIM1 and TIM2. Tim15 & 16 can only use BRK which i do not want. well thats great untill you do not want to use TIM1 and TIM16 as one pulse to trigger another timers (becasue TIM1 can only trigger TIM2 and TIM16 can trigger TIM15, TIM2 is used as clock source for DAC and TIM15 for ADC) So how the ... sorry how can i config those connections which ST's says its possible.


Many thanks for advice!