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ST-Link utility v4.1.0 poor connect disconnect

Question asked by gary on Oct 19, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2017 by gary
I just upgraded from v3.9.0 (having previously used most versions since 2.5.0) and now connecting and disconnecting are seriously degraded. Specifically, after physically disconnecting the programmer from our board or powering it off, ST-Link utility never changes back to its disconnected state. And after a failed attempt to connect, because for instance board power was off at the time, a successful connect subsequently takes 10 seconds.
Has anyone dealt with this already and knows what's wrong? Perhaps it's our 5yr old design, but to help me fix our board, what changed recently in ST-Link Utility, programmer firmware, or the windows driver that relates to connecting and disconnecting?
Using Windows '17/03 and a STM32F373 with ST-Link/V2 B201412 V2.J28.S7 and Windows Driver 12/10/2013 So both the programmer's firmware and the windows driver have been updated by the setup program for ST-Link Utility v4.1.0 and its built-in firmware update tool.