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What does "No Algorithm found" mean?

Question asked by Carter Lee on Oct 19, 2017
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Now I'm trying to implement another Cortex M3 project  with MDK.

After compile done, I've got the following messages 


After Build - User command #1: C:\Keil_v5\\ARM\ARMCC\BIN\fromelf.exe C:\work\BP210\BP210\BP210\systems\cortex_m_mcu\testcodes\hello\hello.axf --vhx --8x1 --output hello.hex
".\hello.axf" - 0 Error(s), 0 Warning(s).
Build Time Elapsed: 00:00:00
Load "C:\\work\\BP210\\BP210\\BP210\\systems\\cortex_m_mcu\\testcodes\\hello\\hello.axf"
No Algorithm found for: 00000000H - 00000C17H
Erase skipped!
Error: Flash Download failed - "Cortex-M3"
Flash Load finished at 16:45:37


What does "No Algorithm found" mean?

what am I supposes to do to resolve this problem?