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Proper Bulk HOST IN USB Endpoint Shutdown

Question asked by Bill Finger on Oct 18, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2017 by Bill Finger

I wonder if someone could help me with proper shutdown and restart of a bulk HOST IN USB endpoint.  I am using an STM32469I, with HS USB via ULPI.  I can start USB streaming to the host, but at termination I get many spurious Tx interrupts on the endpoint.


I've tried using USBD_LL_OpenEP and USBD_LL_CloseEP, but after the close the endpoint does not work properly.


I've tried using USBD_LL_OpenEP, and then to stop just disabling the endpoint interrupt in DAINTMSK.  This works in some cases, but seems to lead to race conditions and so is unreliable.  There must be a better way.