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DFUSE problem with STM32L475

Question asked by Daniel Tarrago on Oct 18, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2017 by Imen D

Good morning,

I'm working with STM32L475 MCU. I have no problems in programming it via SW interface, but I'm facing some problems when trying to program it via USB port (using Dfuse demo program by ST).

First, I use Dfu file manager tool to generate DFU file from the HEX file I have created with Keil.

Then, I use DFU Dfuse Demo tool (v3.0.5): I set boot0 and I can program without problems my device but it does not work. If I program with the same tool and I check 'Verify after download', I get the error 'Matching not good. First Difference at address 0x0801E8C0: File byte is 0x30; Read byte is 0xFF'

Do you know why I get such behaviour?

How can I solve it?