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power consumption calculator for stm32h7

Question asked by Evgeny Erlihman on Oct 17, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2017 by E. A.



I am trying to estimate power consumption on the stm32h7. The use case i am interested in is sampling 6 channels using ADC3 and transferring the sampled data to memory using BDMA, all this while D1 and D2 domains are in stop mode and only D3 is working. The thing is that i am not able to configure the D1&D2 to stop modes.

  1. If i set the power mode to RUN, then D1 has only two options - DRUN/CRUN and DRUN/CSLEEP, in which case D2 only has DRUN. 
  2. If i set the power mode to STOP, then D1 has DSTOP/DSTANDBY, D2 has DSTOP/DSTANDBY and D3 only has DSTOP.


The power consumption in the first case looks too high to me - 17mA. And off course in the second case D3 is in DSTOP, so it is not what i want.

I am doing something wrong with the configurations, or is it because STM32CubeMX Version 4.22.1 does not support this work mode in power consumption calculator?