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AZURE on STM32F429 under RTX with RL-NET and mbed library

Question asked by antos.jiri on Oct 17, 2017



I have large multitasking project. I added AZURE library from example AZURE1_V3.0.1 for STM32F429ZI-Nucleo.

I am using RTX and RL-NET library from Keil and probably newer mbed library. Therefore I wrote new file socketio_STM32Cube.c.

There was small bug in procedure tlsio_mbed_close - it is necessary add line 543 (tlsio_instance->tlsio_state == TLSIO_STATE_ERROR). If this line is missing and internet connection is not ready on start of program, it finished by stack overflow.

I have still two problem, for what I do not know right way to solve it.

1. for HANDSHAKE TIME of TLS connection is necesary set DEBUG THRESHOLD to 3 (ALL with dump). Level 2 is suficient often only, but sometimes not. What happen without debug messages on UART? - packets are mishmashed, comunication failed. For level 2 of debug messages, sometimes handshake stop in step of cipher specification. There is probably some timing problem, but what? Do somebody have an idea?

2. sometimes AZURE server send RST or FIN packet nad close TCp socket. How can I restart properlycommunication?