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Problem using MotionGC lib : it does not want to initialize

Question asked by Mathieu Garivet on Oct 17, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2017 by Mathieu Garivet

Hi there,


I'm trying to use the ST MotionGC lib in my c++ project. I'm using a STM32L476RG (like the one used as demo) and I'm intending to use the MotionGC lib. So I downloaded it, set my project, build it with the GCC ARM toolchain, everything went fine.


However, as soon as I try to call MotionGC_manager_init(100 Hz), my program freezes. Calling another function like the one that get the lib version doesn't give any result but the program doesn't freeze (everything is fine in this case because the init call must be done first).


What does exactly do the init function ? This could help understanding why it does not work...


The frequency is not the problem according to the official doc (it must be between 25 Hz to 200 Hz).


I would appreciate some help ! Thank you !=)