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Problems with TimerTick and uwTick

Question asked by mich.lei on Oct 17, 2017

I cant get the STM32F746 timer tick interrupt to work even though I have followed the chain to the tick ISR. Comments in the code are a bit unclear too.

/** @addtogroup HAL_Private_Variables
  * @{

__IO uint32_t uwTick;

  * @brief Provides a tick value in millisecond.
  * @note This function is declared as __weak to be overwritten in case of other
  *       implementations in user file.
  * @retval tick value

__weak uint32_t HAL_GetTick(void)
       return uwTick;

The uwTick is in private section. But I don't know what it really is. In the code it is said to be a global variable but it isn't because if I use it in my main.c, I get an undeclared error.


By the way, I'm trying to make my own callback work. Similar code has worked before but not now.

(volatile int own, own2=0;)

void HAL_SYSTICK_Callback(void)
     //uwTick++; //uncommenting this gives an error.
     if (own2>1000)