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How to add new service and characteristics for bluetooth low energy module?

Question asked by Rashedul Islam on Oct 17, 2017

Hello all, 
I am using the X-CUBE-BLE1 example project in my custom board. It is working perfectly. Instead of the fake data, I have linked with the real temparature sensor data which i am getting over SPI ADC.

I am using the BlueNRG android apps. I can see the the real sensor data in the environment tab. 
As I am prety new is this kind project, my question is how can I add new characteristic for environmental sensor service. I have five temparature sensor. 
From the example it is given how to add new service ( Time service and LED service). But for them an UUID_128 is already defined at the top. I do not know how to add the UUID s or what is rule to obtain new UUID for this application.