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Does L6482 regulate torque when we use STCK input?

Question asked by ramirez_prieto.valen on Oct 16, 2017

I have three doubts about if L6482 regulates the torque when we use STCK input:


- If I use this STCK input, does torque regulation run? i.e. Does L6482 regulate torque using R Sense etc, when I use STCK input instead of commands?
(Is it possible to use this mode for CNC systems, with software like Mach3, Mach4 which send square waveforms specific for controlling pap motors, or is it necessary to do anything more? )


- Does input STCK any special requeriments, related to the pulses (length, frecuency, amplitude, waveform...)

In page 13 of L6482 datasheet, I saw:

-- thigh,STCK Step-clock input high time 300 ns
-- tlow,STCK Step-clock input low time 300 ns

so, max frecuency is f = 1/ ((30010-9)+(30010-9)) = 1.66 MHz

but I do not know if there is another requeriments.


- Is there any data sheet explaining in detail the way of using this mode?


Thanks in advance,

Valentin Ramirez