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STM32H743x: Start new project now? Availability forecast?

Question asked by Torsten Aurich on Oct 16, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2017 by Torsten Aurich

Dear ST-Team,


for our new project we plan to use STM32H743x. We plan to go into HW-Design Q4-2017
and start FW-Design end of 2017. Regarding this i have some questions with the use
of the H7-Devices:


1. We want to buy a Nucleo-H743ZI. Which die revision are on these boards? Which limitation
does have the chip respectively which errata sheet revision is true?


2. Beside the core for our app the following peripheral components are importent:
- I2C
- SDMMC (SDIO 4Bits Wide Bus 50MHz)
- SPI (Full Duplex Master)
- some Timers
- USB-OTG-HS (with ULPI-Phy)
Would you say it is uncritical to start HW- and FW-Design because end of 2017 there are
a H7-derivative on the market available, which fulfils a correct operation with all these
peripherals? And if yes, tell me please the chip part number.


Thanx in advance!!!