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usbh_userprocess never called

Question asked by Vasiliy Alekseev on Oct 13, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2018 by ss tt

USBH_UserProcess  (USBH_HandleTypeDef *phost, uint8_t id) function never called


I'm using Cube MX 4.22.1. STM32CubeF4 Firmware Package V1.16.0.

Stm32F4Discovery board.


Cube settings:


USB_OTG_FS -> Host_Only 

RCC -> HSE -> Crystal/Ceramic Resonator



USB_HOST -> Mass Storage Host Class


Clk Config to HSE and HCLK to 168MHz


All settings default.


I build project and flash the board. All generated code without changing.


USBH_UserProcess() function never called. I connect and disconnect the flash drive to user USB. Nothing happens.


Trying to generate code for Keil UVision v4 and v 5. Same results.


When I'm doing same things with older Cube MX version all works.


Example from Firmware Repository FatFs_USBDisk works without problem.


Looks like problem in generated code by MX Cube.

But I can't find where.


(I'm trying to increase stack and heap size - without results)