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STM32F103 MDK-ARM5 NVIC can't change an address.

Question asked by kirichok.sergey on Oct 13, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2017 by kirichok.sergey

Hello comunity,

I trying to write a bootloader that will copy firmware from one memory range to other. And I need your help with understanding what is going on with my STM32F106C8T6 and what I doing wrong.

Incoming data:

-bootloader      0x08000 0000

-KEY                0x08000 4c00

-FW_main       0x08000 5000

-FW_Source   0x08000 A000

i'ts start addreses for each part of my program.

Logic of program:

Bootloader starts and chek is the KEY-dada exist on the KEY addres.

Here two ways:

- If KEY-data exist - bootloader starts copying data from FW_Source memory range to FW_main memory range. After copying all FW_Source data, we clean KEY-data,  FW_Source-data and reboot. 

-If KEY-data data other way it jumps to the address FW_main + 4.

On this stage all what we should to know. 

Im using Keil MKD ARM 5 with HAL. When I want writing firmware to the address 0x08000 A000 I shoud to edit file


; *************************************************************
; *** Scatter-Loading Description File generated by uVision ***
; *************************************************************


LR_IROM1 0x0800A000 0x00010000 { ; load region size_region
ER_IROM1 0x0800A000 0x00010000 { ; load address = execution address
*.o (RESET, +First)
.ANY (+RO)
RW_IRAM1 0x20000000 0x00005000 { ; RW data
.ANY (+RW +ZI)


Then I could to flush stm32f103 in the right memory ranege. I check it end everything is ok.

If after copying data from FW_Source   to  FW_main  I didn't erase the FW_Source memory rage. The aplication works as i expexted it's jump to the 0x080005000 and works fine. But! If I ereasing FW_Source  range it's stop worknig. 


So, as I understand I need to move NVIC table to the new address (0x08005000), as HAL don't have a function NVIC_SetVectorTable I deside to write it directly to the register SCB->VTOR = 0x08005000;  But, this didn't help me.

--- User aplication code ---

int main(void)


SCB->VTOR = 0x08005000;
//__set_MSP(*(__IO uint32_t*) 0x08005000); //-- тоже не лечит




Then, I tryed to comment data in the systeminit() (system_stm32f1xx.c).But this also didn't help me.


SCB->VTOR = SRAM_BASE | VECT_TAB_OFFSET; /* Vector Table Relocation in Internal SRAM. */
//SCB->VTOR = FLASH_BASE | VECT_TAB_OFFSET; /* Vector Table Relocation in Internal FLASH. */




Also I tryed set the SCB->VTOR in the bootloader jumb function, but and this didn't help.


void jumpToApplication(uint32_t addr)
typedef void (*pFunction)(void);
pFunction Jump_To_Application;
uint32_t JumpAddress;

JumpAddress = *(__IO uint32_t*) (addr + 4);
Jump_To_Application = (pFunction) JumpAddress;

SCB->VTOR = addr; //set NVIC table

__set_MSP(*(__IO uint32_t*) addr);



I'm confused, while reading manuals I didn't finde anything that can explain why it's didn't work. So, community I need your help .

Best regards,

Sergii Kirichok