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Control Voltage with Phase current control

Question asked by federico03 on Jul 17, 2013
Hi Everybody,

I use the integrated L6470 to control a stepper motor with the following characteristics:

Step angle 1.8 °
Holding Torque 0.06Nm
Rated current 0.67 A
Rod diameter 5mm
Frame size 28 x 28mm
Rod length 18mm
Permanent magnet stepper motor, hybrid
Number of wires 4
Resistance 5.6Ω per phase
Rated voltage 3.8 V

The integrated L6470 is powered at 12V but I would like to make sure that the motor voltage is 3.8V.

I saw on the datasheet that I can adjust the motor voltage with the Phase current control.

Unfortunately I didn't have clear about the parameters of the equations to derive the value Kval.

Can anyone explain me how to get the value Kval?

The motor is controlled with a microcontroller STM32F103 via SPI.
I communicate the parameters KVAL_RUN, KVAL_ACC, KVAL_DEC with SPI.

Thanks a lot