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Low power on stm32l073

Question asked by Aurélien f on Oct 12, 2017
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I'm facing an issue regarding low power on stm32l073. On my nucleo board NUCLEO-L073, when i go in stop mode, my consumption is around 1 and 3uA, so all seem to be ok. Then, we decided to make our own board (cf. attached file), with the same code, i consume around 30uA and i really don't know why ??? The only difference is the package, on our own design, we are using a stm32l073 LQFP48 (48pin) whereas on the nucleo this is a 64 pins. As i'm not an expert in electronic, i don't know how to investigate this issue.

If you have idea about the possible issue, or if i'm doing something wrong don't hesitate to share.


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