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Comment - STM32F769 Disco and LAN8742

Discussion created by Alberto Fahrenkrog on Oct 12, 2017

Hi all,

I've been working recently with the STM32F769 Discovery board and the Ethernet interface, all working pretty well.


I developed a new board, using the DP83848 (which I think is used with the STM32F4 series on other boards?), the decision to change the PHY purely because of footprint issues, and the fact that we've used it before.


I was going over the PHY initializaton routine (HAL_ETH_WritePHYRegister and HAL_ETH_ReadPHYRegister), for the F7, and I just realised that the address for the PHY_SR (special register) is set at 0x10. However, the LAN8742 has the PHY_SR address (according to the datasheet) at 0x1F. The PHY_SR value of 0x10 is corresponding to the DP83848 chip.


I wonder if STM would be able to configure more known and tested PHY chips under STM32CubeMX -> ETH Configuration -> Advanced parameters -> PHY. You could keep a "user PHY" plus the correct values for DP83848 and LAN8742 when they are selected.


Just a suggestion.


Kind regards,