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Is there a special function for enabling ADC when Sensortile is soldered to cradle?

Question asked by Abhilash Iyer on Oct 13, 2017

I am able to sense voltage from the ADC3 pin of SensorTile, when the sensortile is on the Eval board (STLCX01V1). The ADC output changes with change in external supply voltage. But when I solder the same sensortile on the cradle board (STLCR01V1), it stops sensing any change in voltage and gives me 0.

Is there a special function for enabling ADC port in sensortile, when connected to cradle? I know that pwr_enablevddusb() tells the sensortile that vddusb is available. But is there some other function which enables the adc port when in cradle?  


Note: Checked if there is any shorts in solder - No issues there.