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STM32H7,STM32H743 ADC with DMA

Question asked by Volker Bremauer on Oct 11, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2017 by Volker Bremauer

In summer 2017, I started an project with the STM32F767 on the Nucleo board, because the H743 was still announced but not available. For some weeks I got the new Nucleo board of the STM32H743.
After I transferred the code from the F767 to the H743, I recognized the not working DMA interrupt. The DMA interrupt was working on the 767 perfectly. So I reduced the code of the F767 and the H743 (by using cube) to only this function for see what´s the difference.

  • TIM3 managed 4 PWM Signals (22KHz) and triggers the ADC1 on falling edge and call the interrupt call back function. (LED GREEN toggles).
  • When ADC1 conversion is finished, the DMA is triggered and copies the data.
  • When the DMA transfer is completed, the call back function is called, and the BLUE LED toggles

I can’t see, why the interrupt for the DMA at the STM32H743 is not working!

Have somebody done something like this already and was successful?


I put both projects for Cube and the AC6 workbench to the attachment. Hope somebody can help me.

BR Volker