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ADC external-Trigger Options

Question asked by Timothy Smieja on Oct 11, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2017 by Zhitai Liu

I am using the STM32F427 micro and a Keil compiler and have a question about external and timer trigger possibilities with the ADC. I have ADC1 and 2 configured for dual simultaneous mode and scanning through 12 conversions. Three ADC conversions for each of four different dual ADC channel inputs.

We have a mode of operation where the ADC inputs being sampled will have a pulsed signal as the input being sampled. Is there a way we can make sure we trigger on the high pulse of each of the four separate ADC1 inputs? I do not think we can guarantee that the pulses on each of the four separate inputs are all high at the same time, but maybe. If we can’t, then we would need to trigger on each ADC1 channel input, which there are four different channels sampled. I believe I've heard the term cross-trigging used in this context, but not positive.

Any input or suggestions would be appreciated. Hope this makes sense. I’ve included a couple screen shots of the ADC cube configuration. There seems to be a little bug with cube as it retained some previous settings in the window display for ADC1, but the code is generated correctly.

Let me know if more information is needed to provide feedback,

ADC1 Cube Config

ADC1 Cube Scan Settings

ADC2 Cube Config

ADC2 Cube Scan Settings