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No LoRa received message from the backend

Question asked by Nidhal Ben Othmen on Oct 11, 2017

Hi everybody,

I am working with the evaluation board B-L072Z-LRWAN1 with I-CUBE-LRWAN embedded software. I am trying to customize the received frame from the LoRaWAN network. I am working in France 868 MHz with the Objenious (Boygues Telecom) network with SPOT backend.
I flashed my Murata module with the AT_Slave project and I am trying to display the received message with the AT commands: AT+RECV=? ou AT+RECVB=?

But always I have a display of 0: OK. I debugged the code and I noticed that the receiving port is always set on 0. And the buffer of the downlink frame is always set on zeros.

I followed the Application Notes in this link…  which shows examples of AT commands. You find in the pages 18 and 19 the definition of the AT+RECV and AT+RECVB commands and the examples. Normally, I should have something different from what I had.

You find in the attached screenshots more details showing my serial terminal and what I received in the Objenious (LoRaWAN provider) backend.

I tried also the End_Node project and I have always the same issue; My downlink frame is always void and the receiving port is always 0.

My goal is to customize the downlink messages. How should I do when I have always zeros in the buffer of the received frame.

I am looking forward your help !