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LORA network of collecting data LAN is it possible

Question asked by TARHAN SAMAH on Oct 10, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2017 by TARHAN SAMAH

Hello every body , we are starting a project of a network collecting datas , 

we will use stm32 devices that are pretty made easy programmable with cube thans to stm!!

For establishing a local network (without internet for the moment )


just a star topology is enough for us we collect datas from end devices based on a stm32 and send them to a coordinator for exemple or a central node that we want to connect to a computer .for this issue we think about LORA chips . 


is it suitable for LAN ??? 


did any one try it? 

is there any empty exemple of stm32f100 , for exmple , how will i process , after creating a cube project then how will i add lora libraries and from where , and what are the necessary libraries and folders ?? 


thanks much , needs urgent help