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Motor on STEVAL-SPIN3201 board does not run at all

Question asked by Max Schachtschabel on Oct 11, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2017 by Max Schachtschabel
I am having trouble with the STEVAL-SPIN3201 board in combination with a DB87L01-S BLDC motor from Nanotec.
I connected the board to the three phases, the internal hall sensors, to the external DC and to the PC and flashed the SPIN3270 with the FOC SDK 4.3 using the SW4STM32 IDE.
The parameters of the motor (pole pairs, resistance, inductivity etc.) were inserted using the ST Motor Workbench. Building and flashing the demo project was no problem; however, the motor makes no intention to run after running the code. By stepping through the code I figured out that "MC_FOC_DURATION" error code is set almost immediately after pushing the "START_STOP" button on the board. The header file lists this error with the short explanation "FOC rate too high", so I choose the lowest PWM rate possible in combination with the execution rate (4500Hz), still with the same result.
Debugging the code further to find the origin of this error led to no satisfying conclusion (apparently something about a bit in the PWM timer register "TIM1->SR" that has not been reseted correctly?), so I am freshly out of ideas what the problem could be here. Does anyone have any suggestions where to look or what parameters may also need further adjustments?
Here you can also see the short datasheet of the used motor:
Many thanks in advance!