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STM32F765BIT MCU ethernet problem.,

Question asked by Edwin kaus on Oct 9, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2017 by Edwin kaus

Hello .,


 I am working with STM32F765BIT MCU in our custom board. In this I need to make Ethernet interface working with any of protocol (like UDP).

I have generated code using STM cube , but I am not sure that I am fallowing correct procedure while generating code.


>> Even I couldn't able to ping from PC. Can you please give me some brief explanation on procedure to get working code, I am using LAN8710 External PHY, I can able to read write PHY registers ,but couldn't able send/receive any data from PC.


Can anyone  please provide any example which corresponds to mentioned device (either you can provide Cube MX file or example code), so that I can proceed further easily .


Thank you.,