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Why are cubemx/mcu/IP/GPIO-STM32F10?_gpio_v1_0_Modes.xml not complete?

Question asked by Uwe Bonnes on Oct 9, 2017


for all families beside F1, the cubemx/mcu/IP/GPIO-STM32Xxxx_gpio_v1_0_Modes.xml give a complete list of the available device functions on a pin. For F1 files, only functions available on a pin that may get remapped are listed.


E.g. for F107 pin  PA0, the available function "ETH_CRS" is only listed in cubemx/mcu/STM32F107XXXx.xml, while mcu/IP/GPIO-STM32F107_gpio_v1_0_Modes.xml does not list it.


Having all information  (pin name, pin function, remap value (no remap., 0..4) comes handy when generating support files from the XML headers.