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NUCLEO-H743ZI (STM32H743ZI) no Ethernet DMA transfer

Question asked by Joerg Wagner on Oct 8, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2017 by Marina Brener

Hi all.

Does anyone have a working example for Ethernet?

I tried to build one wih CubeMX (HAL 1.1.0) with and without FreeRTOS.

I did it many times for F746, F767 (A and Z) and F769 (A) but Ethernet with STM32H743ZI (Ver. Y) will not work.

- IDE is OpenSTM32 (GNU C)

- RAM is AXI SRAM in Domain D1 or AHB SRAM1 in Domain D2

- no DTCM RAM is used (in linker script: i.e. RAM_D1 >AT FLASH, _estack is adapted)

- Instruction Cache enabled and Data Cache is disabled

- no MPU

- ethernetif.c line 421 is commented out:  // SCB_CleanInvalidateDCache();

- ethernetif.c line 443 is commented out:  // SCB_CleanInvalidateDCache();


Another options:

- using 0x30040000 and MPU for DMARxDscrTab[ETH_RX_DESC_CNT] and DMATxDscrTab[ETH_TX_DESC_CNT] 

- DHCP or static IP

- Data cache enabled and using original SCB_CleanIvalidDCache();


The result:

stm32h7xx_hal_eth.c : HAL_ETH_Transmit(...) throws a timeout in line 708 and returns HAL_ERROR

which is not recognized by low_level_output() in ethernetif.c

Using a different timeout value (>0) in the HAL_ETH_Transmit( &heth, &TxConfig, myTimeOutVal) throws a timeout as well.


When I enable MPU ETHADDR16_COPY(&ethhdr->src,  src); in ethernet.c it will end in Infinite_Loop. (Edited: wrong MPU settings)


Using AHB SRAM2 in Domain D2, the software cannot be debugged. I hope not to forget something: payload is in domain D2, LAN8742 is activated in CubeMX (Platform settings), ...


In conclusion: The DMA transfer does not work.

I spent so many hours to find a solution and I'm thankful for any advice.