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LIS3MDL Doesn't Respond Properly Over SPI

Question asked by Tim S on Oct 8, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2017 by Tim S

I am attempting to communicate with a LIS3MDL through the SPI interface, yet I am unable to get a single, valid response back. Moreover, the responses I am getting violate the setup and hold times on the SPI interface.

You can see from the following image that I am attempting to read from the LIS3MDL's WHO_AM_I register (address: 0x0F; expected: 0x3D), but I am getting garbage out. Moreover, the output from the LIS3MDL is transitioning at the rising and negative edges of SCLK!Capture of the WHO_AM_I SPI read operation.
I have the LIS3MDL breakout board (STEVAL-MKI137V1) so I expect the hardware should be solderd properly.
Any other suggestions or anyone having a similar issue?