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STLUX385A :There are some problems when I configured a coupled SMED

Question asked by Ming Chen on Oct 10, 2017


According to the "appliction note AN4461",I configure  SMED4 and SMED5 in synchronous coupled SMEDs mode to generate a PWM output (PFC MOSFET driving signal)

In RM0380 reference manual, page 191 ,it says



And in page 192


To make PWM5  generate a coupled signal,I configured  SMED5 drive out bit is ON by SMED configurator 1.0


I have some problems When I configured  SMED4 and SMED5 to realize the state transition.


Is that mean If I configured the "Hold jump waking up when the corresponding coupledSMED will go in HOLD" is ON

 ,when the coupled SMED (SMED5) is on the hold state ,the SMED4 will jump into the hold state.

If it is true ,that will be contradictory  with the content in RM0380 reference manual, page 191.