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Eclipse/workspace  configuration for custom boards

Question asked by Greusard Alexandre on Oct 9, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2017 by Greusard Alexandre

Hello everyone!


I'm new in the stm32 world and I have to say, I realy like it!

I am under Ubuntu and I use "Eclipse System Workbench" pre-configured IDE. I only use standart-stm32 library for now.


I had some practise on a stm32f0-discovery board (no problem here), but now I have to work on a stm32f107vc UC on a custom board. When I created my new project(on eclipse system workbench), I also created a new board with the appropriate UC.


  • My first problem (and workaround): Interruptions made my code stop , workaround -> I modified the file "startup_stm32.s" and added Interruptions to my vector table "g_pfnVectors", it works for now.
  • My second problem: USART TX sending bad characters: When I send "Hello\r\n" through USART, I read "ZE]Fø" on the TX. But if I make a new project, selecting a NUCLEO stm32F103 board, and I use exactly the same code to program my stm32f107 board, it works....


So my question would be: How to configure my project in the case of a Custom board (considering I am working with eclipse IDE, or not)?


I would be very thankfull if anyone could give me any idea, or track to follow... and I hope my question is clear enough.