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convert STM32F072_EVAL CDC_Standalone at STM32F072B-DISCO doesn't work

Question asked by holland MICHAEL on Oct 8, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2017 by Amel N

I don't need any other things except USB and UART, so I remove the stm32f072b_eval.c. I change the target device to 072RB in MDK option tab. I modified usdb_cdc_interface.h usart to uart1 as discovery board.

I also copy from discovery project this to this new project.


The PC could recognize it, but shows can't start. 

I use STM32CubeMX generate CDC, there is no issue. I can't figure out where should I modify from the eval cdc code to make it work.

Another thing, may not relate, but strange to me.

In the usbd_cdc_interface.h line 91

#define TIMx_FORCE_RESET()               __HAL_RCC_USART3_FORCE_RESET()


why timer reset is usart3 reset? I see this in L0 project too.

I start from L0538 disco board, try to convert L073 without success, that one even worse, Even STM32CubeMX generate project has the same result as PC can't start (code 0).


I must miss some fundamental thing, but, where could be wrong? My target is F072. Appreciate suggestions!