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Is this bug? timezone definition in syscalls.c generated by cube mx

Question asked by Nick Steele on Oct 6, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2017 by Raivis Strogonovs

While compiling a project with syscalls.c generated by cube mx, there is a block like this:


  #ifdef _SYS_TIME_H_
  struct timezone {
    int tz_minuteswest; /* minutes west of Greenwich */
    int tz_dsttime; /* type of dst correction */



and the file includes <time.h> at top. Since _SYS_TIME_H_ is defined in time.h, syscall.c redefines the timezone struct causing a compiler error. My guess is that it is supposed to be #ifndef _SYS_TIME_H_ ? I'm circumventing the error by adding  a preceding "#undef _SYS_TIME_H_" to syscalls.c in a /* USER CODE BEGIN */ section.