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SPBTLE-RF. Upper limit when creating characteristics and services

Question asked by Clive Vallance on Oct 6, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2017 by nicolas b



I am using the SPBTLE-rf bluetooth module to create a device that advertises for connections and once connected will present a number of characteristics and services.


Essentially almost all of it is working as I would expect. I have created services and characteristics for most of the attributes I need to convey.


The sticking point is when I exceed 60 attributes. 


So I have three services and 28 characteristics. Two of the characteristics have three attributes (because they use notifications) and the rest use two. There is also an attribute for each service.


This brings me to a grand total of 61 attributes. When I run the code I obtain an error when trying to create all the attributes on the module.


If I remove one characteristic (i.e. two attributes) the code runs and generates the characteristics and services without error. 


Does anyone know why there is a limit of 60 (I assume it is a memory limitation) and is there any way of increasing the value.