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F303RE with X-NUCLEO-IHM08M1 Motor profiler not start motor

Question asked by Radoslav Jízdný on Oct 4, 2017



I have a problem with starting the motor with motor profiler.

With motor profiler - 1pole pair, 6Amp Max speed 5000. also with other variation of these parameters motor profiler never starts the motor.I only hear a click and motor moves 1-2 degrees and sometimes I hear the stator magnetics frequency, profiler reads 1000-3000 rpms, but the rotor does not move.

After the manual movement , motor generates 18AC Volt, 1.5Amp, nice sinus.


Motor profiler automatically flashed default hex program for NUCLEO-F303RE with X-NUCLEO-IHM08M1 expansion board.

Motor is axial flux combined with linear motor construction, with two same stators on opposite sides.

Schematics of windings is attached.

It is necessary to compile and flash custom WB generated project? or motor profiler has a correct firmware special for universal profiling?

This motor has max frequency about 100Hz. I dont know about rpm value.


Thank you very much for reply