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SPBT3.0DP2 - RX issues

Discussion created by Michael Brown on Oct 4, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2018 by francesco rebucci

SPBT3.0DP2 is a great tiny bluetooth module with a great potential. I am using the module as a serial link - SPP profile. I am having problems with receiving data by the host. Sending data from the host works just fine, it reaches the remote device without problems. However, when the remote device sends data, the data loss is huge. The host only receives between 10% and 30% of data sent to it.


Strangely though, when the remote device initiates the command mode, all AT commands sent to the bluetooth module are received by the bluetooth module without problems as the module responds to all commands correctly and without fail. It suggests there is no data loss over the bluetooth connection. It suggests there is a problem between the bluetooth module and the host, however when I swap the bluetooth module to a different component (e.g. RN42) keeping everything same, all works fine.


I am using UartBaudrate of 115200. I have tried different values for: CpuMHz. It made no difference. I have tried 57600 baud rate with no difference.


This is my setup:


"Remote Device (PC)" -------(air)------> SPBT3.0DP2 --------(uart)------->"Host (MSP430)"


NB1: I am not using flow control, UART link is only using RX and TX signals.

NB2: SPBT3.0DP2 bluetooth module and the Host (MSP430) is on the same, small PCB


Any suggestions please?