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ST-Link Utility "Run Application" from CLI?

Question asked by HexRules on Oct 4, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2017 by Davide G

Our application (SensorTile L476) works well when programmed and run from our SWD programmer (Nucleo 476).  However, once untethered from SWD, if we disconnect and reconnect the battery, the CPU stays in Reset and never exits.


We discovered a fix, check "Run Application" in "Automatic Mode" in ST-Link GUI, then program device.  This works.


What bit(s) is "Run Applcation" changing in our device's FLASH to allow it to function?  My suspicion is the Option Bytes but I haven't yet found a bit to perform this function.


Does CLI support "Run Application"? (I've looked and can't find it)


The command line is quite efficient and our preferred interface and we are hoping for the same functionality in both interfaces.


Thanks, Chris