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Error in stm8cubeMX port remapping?

Question asked by Tobias Kruehn on Oct 4, 2017


I used stm8cubeMX to generate a pinout for a stm8s003 (STM8S003F3 UFQFPN20).


In cubemx I selected the outputs:

  • PC7 is PWM output by TIM1_CH2 (pin14)
  • PC3 is PWM output by TIM1_CH3 (pin10)
  • PD4 is PWM output by TIM2_CH1 (pin18)
  • PA3 is PWM output by TIM2_CH3 (pin7)


According to the datasheet this is not possible: I have to set AFR0 to output TIM1_CH2 to PC7 (pin14). BUT: If I set AFR0, TIM2_CH1 will be output at PC5 (pin12) and NOT at PD4.


Am I getting something wrong? Or is stm8cubeMX not caring about the option bits?