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STM32F4 + OV9655

Question asked by Eric Lin on Oct 3, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2017 by Eric Lin

Hello, fellow developers


I am using STM32F4 Discovery board with OV9655 camera module. I use the sample codes given and everything works all right. Right now, I am going to tune the qualities of the camera images, such as resolution, gamma, exposure, noise cancellation, etc. Where can I get a good programming guide and correct datasheet for the registers of OV9665 ?


I have a preliminary datasheet for OV9655, but I believe it is only partially correct. I kept trying but some of the sample codes don't make perfect sense to me. Some do, but not all of them.


Alternatively, if anyone has good suggestions on STM32 board + camera module, that I can receive better supports from the vendor, feel free to comment.