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L6470 overcurrent errors

Question asked by matsumoto.dave on Jul 9, 2013
Latest reply on May 24, 2018 by David Walker
I've gotten past all of my comms issues and seem to be able to talk to the L6470 reliably now.  However, I'm having trouble actually getting it to move.  I keep getting OCD events even when commanding moves at low acceleration and speed.  I have also removed the load and am just spinning the shaft of my Lin Engineering 4218L-01-11 motor.

Here is the pseudocode for my move:

reset device
get status
set max speed to 10 steps/s
set full step speed threshold to 10 steps/s
set accel and decel to 1 step/s/s
set full step mode
set OCD to 2A
set running kval to 255
run at 10 steps/s

As soon as I send the run command, I detect an error via the FLAG output and then read the status register.  I always get an error value where OCD is asserted, or additionally STEP_LOSS_B and STEP_LOSS_A are asserted.

If I take this same motor over to a different off the shelf motion controller, I can drive it without any protection faults occurring.

Can anyone suggest a step that I might have missed that is causing this problem?