Martin Botsov

BlueNRG-2 GPIO configuration

Discussion created by Martin Botsov on Oct 4, 2017

Dear Community Experts,


I am currently working on a bio-signal measurement prototype and I am planning on using BlueNRG-2 as the means to transfer data wirelessly. I've gone through the datasheet of the chip but I am still not sure whether what I am looking for is possible.


So, here's the configuration. I am using an 8-channel ADC with 8 data outputs (one for every channel). I'd like to use the BlueNRG-2 chip to communicate with the ADC via SPI (so far I am pretty sure that this won't be a problem). Also, I'd like to feed all data outputs of the ADC into the BlueNRG-2 and send data to another wireless device. Thus, my idea is to configure 8 GPIOs as digital inputs and organize the data transfer via the DMA. Does this sound sensible? Is there a better way to do this?


I am restricted to board space and power requirements therefore I am not willing to use a serializer or hardware protocol converters in order to connect the ADC outputs to the BlueNRG-2.


I should say that I am not a developer and I don't have any experience in developing code and programming languages. Thus, if I am saying something stupid here please accept my apology.


Thank you in advance for your time and cooperation.

Any feedback would be much appreciated.