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Protect STM32F407 flash memory from readout

Question asked by mischuk.vadim on Oct 2, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2017 by mischuk.vadim

My current project involves some pretty complicated logic, required for firmware update over the air. So I ended up with solution, which contains bootloader and application code, compiled separately. My current memory layout looks like that:

And now I should protect bootloader sectors 0 to 3 in such way, that their content cant be modified from application, running in main memory sectors 4 to 7. That situation is unlikely to happen, only in case if some malicious software will be loaded, so the goal is to ensure that even in that case device will restore after power-on-reset. 

My current idea is to set RDP for entire chip and enable write protection for sectors 0 to 3. But I still have some scenario in mind when malicious firmware can break the device:

1) What if the firmware will access some option bytes, somehow turn off the sectors 0 to 3 write protection and then perform mass erase?

2) What if the firmware will modify somehow option bytes, so the bootloader will be not able to properly reflash the firmware?

But I am not even sure whether those bytes can be accessed from firmware somehow (can someone give me explanation on that). Could you please tell me are my fears justified and how can I improve the solution security in case if they are.